I am a Woman of 25 who has a passion for life, for people and for God.

I am blessed with an amazing family, quality friends and a truly incredible husband.

I love exploring new things, venturing on new adventures and meeting new people from all walks of life.

I am passionate about helping those in need and advancing social justice in our community and around the world. I am blessed to work for the A21 Campaign which seeks to abolish human injustice in the 21st century, with particular emphasis on human trafficking.

I take joy in blessing others and love contributing towards people’s happiness.  

I love seeing those around me flourish and believe that everyone has the potential to reach their dreams.

Seeing people happy brings me joy. There is no better sound than the sound of laughter.

I’m a woman who’s living, laughing and most importantly, loving.


2 comments on “Charlie

  1. FaithLDN says:

    Love this Charlie, its beautiful x

  2. chourouk says:

    Hey! I don’t know what you think about awards, but I received the Sunshine award and I nominated you, I hope you accept it and share it with other bloggers 🙂, I like your blog and your posts enlighten my day 🙂

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